Jogo de cassino

A Betway Casino oferece o melhor que há no mundo dos jogos de cassino online. Visite o nosso jogo de cassino e desfrute dos jogos da roleta, caça-níquel, slots, blackjack.

Melhor Jogo De Cassino – Os cassinos online mais jogados da Portugal | Intermarket

cassino online. Encontre Jogo Roleta Cassino 16 Copo Shot Jogo – Brinquedos e Hobbies no ! Entre e conheça as jogo de cassino incriveis ofertas. Descubra a. Jogue nas máquinas slot gratuitamente sem registo. Casino online com bónus de dinheiro real, sem necessidade de depósito. Notícias do jogo de cassino.

154 Thoughts to “Jogo de cassino

  1. Boring game. Waiting for the big win but didnt came. Feel dizzy the way you move the camera dude.

  2. You were betting 100 on wheel of fortune. I wish spin wouldve came out because you wouldnt have won crap unless you bet 200.

    1. @Slot Traveler i hope you give me some lol in need of $ for health reasons.

    2. From your writing to Gods ears! I am in Vegas this weekend and would love it if I hit something like that! 🙂

  3. Wow. High rolling. Cool! Gave ya a like and sub!!!! I just started my channel last week in San Bernadino!!! 100 a spin. Wow!

  4. slot looser , at this end you loose your pant s hahahha casino all time win its a italien mafia

  5. $100 going for nothing and never reach thousands bucks. Your tittle is misleading that is why you got so many don,t likes…

    1. You must have missed the jackpot, but yes the title is click appealing.

    1. Hi Mark, this was about 3 years ago, I appreciate you watching and the feedback 🙂

    1. De rien moi je suis de France j aime bien les casino bonne journée

  6. why would you bet 100 bucks nuhhh rather buy yourself a claw machine

  7. That would be so nice to be able to just drop hundreds on a single machine and be like Oh well, next machine.. I do think the machines pay out much higher than if you were at the minimum bet.
    I still find quarter machines, or nickle machines are fun. I can spend hours on them and would play a really long time on one machine and it would be no big deal if I lost.

    1. I won a 100.00 on .20 playing Cleopatra keno hit all 7 numbers.
      Oh and it was on free slot play.

    2. Good point! For me it is a bout having fun as well, at the end we will all lose! If we all won, there would close them down 😉

  8. Congratulations to you All, & many more 2 come Manny. Great run on some of the slots especially the last one. Till next video lucky Manny!

  9. The machine at the first start of the video I wouldnt play it for a quarter a game I hate those type of machines just blow your money on them

  10. Wow!!! Follow me also!!! Check out my wins!

    1. This was originally broadcast on Facebook Live, so the shaking I think its related to the original formal. I will send you a Dramamine if you need one 🙂

    1. It was a struggle that day for sure! I appreciate your watching and if you need a Dramamine after, gladly will send it 🙂

    1. Sorry Deborah, I have been sending Dramamine so let me know your address and its on me 🙂

    1. Best of luck to you! I know we didnt do as hot, but I was happy n terms of building tier credits. I am not a high limit player and any attempt like that I welcome even if its just cherries that let me continue to extend my play 🙂

  11. My little mind can’t fathom betting $100 a spin. I normally do 40¢ a spin on a penny machine so my anxiety is acting up just watching this video

  12. Hi, I didnt watch the video because I have diabetes. How much did you win?

    1. Pues gracias por ver el video, y no el Casino no pierde. Sin embargo en Las Vegas si estan perdiendo dinero como 7%! Sin embargo no es por cause the jackpots 😉

  13. Why the videos on losing? If I wanted to watch someone lose Id go play myself.

    1. Aww Baby! Thats reality and on this video you are referencing we lose, and then we win. Gambling is a roller coaster 🙂

  14. When one machine doesnt hit after 10 spins move to another machine thats what I do when I go to the casino

  15. might need lesson on how to hold your phone.. to much shacking .lol.. and for that i give you thumbs down.. 😉

  16. Don’t know how I missed this first time round, looks like you had great fun

  17. i dont like the guys aditude who thinks he is in charge, i would not allow that…

  18. Los casino son negativo no hay premio no esta bueno no es recomiendo

    1. Hi Jusi- Thanks for the comment, this was a while back but I agree no excuse!

  19. Very Awesome Manny & your friends! Good luck to You All, till next video lucky Manny.😊😋😎

  20. Bonsoir dommage vous bouge trop et c est pas agréable a regardé mais merci qd même

    1. Casinono Winner I’ve been super busy w work and Lady Luck has not come around, but soon enough we will be back 🙂

  21. I Love Top Dollar slot! Low Rolling some day Ill bet more 😉. Congrats on your winnings U All. 🤑😅😎🤑

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